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Agape Christian Preschool

Agape Christian Preschool provides early childhood education based on Biblical principles. We believe the Gospel teaches us that we are loved by God, and are called to serve others and treat them with equality and love. 
     * Contact: 408-472-8288
     * Address: 1229 Naglee Ave. San Jose, CA 95126
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Child Development Programs

We offer the following child development programs:

  • “Love”, our 2 year old toddler class, with a 1:5-6 Teacher to Student Ratio 
  • “Faith”, our 3-4 year old preschool class, with a 1:7-10 Teacher to Student Ratio
  • “Hope”, our 4-5 year old preschool class, with a 1:12 Teacher to Student Ratio

We operate as a foreign language immersion program with bilingual teachers, using English and Korean language called Hangul. Most of classes are operated about 1/2 English and 1/2 Korean. One class of HOPE (4-5 years old) is held in English only. Each of our classes has its own curriculum based on developmental stages and educational purpose.  Daily programs begin with morning prayer and contain a variety of age-appropriate learning activities such as math, English, foreign language, art, music, physical activities, free play, story time, and more. Lunch and healthy snacks are provided for free to the students daily. 

Our school operates in partnership with Calvary United Methodist Church of San Jose, located in the Rosegarden. Members of Calvary are eligible for preschool scholarships. Please inquire of the Church pastor for more information. 


Agape provide full time and part-time program options including: 

  • 8:00am-6:00pm              
  • 8:00am-1:00pm             
  • 8:00am-3:00pm 

Our school year begins Sept and ends in August.

Enrollment & Fees
Registration fees are non-refundable. Enrollment in the Preschool term Sept -August requires a $300 registration fee ($100 deposit fee).  
Tuition Rates

  • 5 Full Days   $1490. 3 Full Days $1190/month  
  • 5 Core-Days $1220.     3 Core-Days $970/month 
  • 5 Half-Days  $1120. 3 Half-Days $870/month

                 (include meals and snacks)

Calvary United Methodist Church of San Jose
729 Morse St., San Jose, CA 95126
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